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What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Blog posts are an essential component of every successful website. They provide a multitude of benefits, including:

1. Blogs facilitate critical feedback that can help optimize your website, products and services for greater sales

2. Blogs facilitate conversation between you and your customers, as well as showcasing organic reviews from former and current customers

3. Posts rank for the keywords they focus on when written with quality, driving organic traffic to your website

4. Blog posts also add to the SEO profile of your entire website, thus, becoming critical ranking factors for your entire business

5. Quality blog posts get more clicks than paid advertising

6. Nearly 70% of online buyers made a purchase after reading about the product or service in a blog post

7.Unlike paid advertising, blogs stay online even after your ad budget is gone

What Type of Blogs Do We Write?

We write blog posts in the most popular formats.


Listicles are list formats, such as top lists and step-by-step instructionsals.


Guides explain to your readers how to do something or how something works.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are great for getting backlinks to your website. Any topic.


How-to blogs help readers understand how to do something. Educational.

Pillar Blogs

Pillar posts are cornerstone content. Series can be made from pillar posts.


Series are smaller offshoots from cornerstone content. Shorter but highly focused.

Standard Blogs

Standard blogs are versatile and can be written according to your needs.

SEO Blasts

250 short-form blog posts at 250 words each. 1 keyword per post. Rank your website fast.

Who Are Your Blog Writers?



 Our blog writers are highly vetted professionals with years of experience. Each are hired through a process of submitting an application and a resume, having their work history verified, and submitting several blog posts they've written for quality verification. Once they have met all our criteria, they are assigned work based on their field of expertise.

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