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Back in the 1950s, when you drove up to a gas station, about 5 or 6 men would come running out of the garage. They were smiling and went out of their way to let you know they were happy to serve you. One would begin filling up your tank, while another would begin checking your fluids and topping them off if they were low. Yet others would begin checking your tire pressure and cleaning your windows.

This was standard service back then. and customers expected no less.

As time went on, these full-service stations stopped being full service. They began cutting back their offerings, and unfortunately, customers accepted it.

These gas stations went out of business a long time ago. This form of service simply doesn’t exist anymore.

But it ought to.

This is the business model that we strive towards every day. To provide our clients with friendly and quality service. We’d like for our customers to come to expect that. We’re not sure when people started accepting less from a company they chose to give their business to, but we feel it should never have happened in the first place. That maybe if we begin raising the bar, people would begin expecting more – and they should.

The 1950s gas station was a perfect example of the excellence of customer service. It’s how it should be. While these service stations no longer exist, we hope to bring back their spirit of excellence in service. Those service stations may no longer exist, but we do.

Those service stations may no longer exist, but we are here to carry on their tradition. We hope to live up to the example they set, as well as your expectations.


It is our pleasure to be of service – The Textworkers Team

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Textworkers is not a content marketplace. We have in-house, staff writers who were highly vetted. Each of our talented professionals has years of experience and a proven success record. You simply let us know what you need and we handle the rest. We select the best writer based on your needs, we ensure your content is fully edited, and we submit the content to you for review upon completion.

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Our writers are skilled in current SEO writing methods, demographic research, marketing, and more. Every blog, article, web page, or product description will be developed by a professional writer using care, focus, and dedication. We are the highest rated content writing service in the USA for a reason: We are simply the best at what we do. Let our qualified writers provide you with content that will make a difference today.

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We are here when you need us. We offer support via email, phone or live chat.

Our Privilege of Years of Service

 We’ve Worked with Some of the Largest Companies in the World. We Look Forward to Working with You, Too.

We have written for many notable companies such as Avon, Grainger, Dish Network, and more. We are happy to hear your needs, too. We select companies to work with based on mutual understanding and our ability to collaborate. Once we decide to move forward, we strive to ensure you receive a memorable experience working with us and every order you place will be tailored just for you.