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The Secret to Crafting Product Descriptions that Sell

Learn the secrets behind product descriptions that sell like crazy.

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#1 Create a Sense of Value


A product description must describe the value of the item in question. It must create a “perceived” value to support your asking price.

To put it plainly, it is not enough to simply paste a picture of your item online and expect it to sell. You must describe your product, as well. Explaining the value proposition of the item is a start

This is where SEO product descriptions come in.

Expertly written product descriptions are able to describe the value of the product by choosing words that promote and support the asking price of the item, creating “value”. This is essential in giving a potential buyer a reason to follow through with a purchase.

#2 Tell Them Something they Didn’t Know


Aside from value, you must describe how the product will benefit the potential purchaser. What makes this product different? Describing the benefit of your product or service should extend beyond the obvious. 

The benefit should illustrate how your product is better than your competitor’s productCreate a strong case for your product.

You don’t want to simply explain the basics of your products. You want to ignite the reader’s imagination. If you sell vacations, you want them to envision being there. A good description describes. A great description paints a picture.

#3 Get The Reader Excited


One thing that is sorely missing from one too many product descriptions we find on the internet: Excitement. Unless you are selling medical supplies or cemetery plots, your descriptions should have some pep. 

Make the reader excited about the product. Make them gravitate toward that checkout button.

Add some spice to your descriptions. It never hurts to add some personality to a description to give it that little boost in the right direction. Remember, it’s not about the product. There are a million others just like it. It’s how you describe the product that counts.

#4 Make Them Want To Buy Now


The goal of any online business is to make money. Your descriptions should simply close the deal.

By creating a sense of urgency, you are creating a situation where the reader feels they must make an immediate purchase. CTAs (Calls to Action) and limited offers are a great way to create urgency. 

SEO product descriptions can do this.

In order to “close the deal” so to speak, urgency must be created in a seamless fashion so the idea to “buy now” feels like it came from the reader, and not because they are being told. Our product description writing service specializes in writing seamless sales copy. This should be done by the end of the description.

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