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Textworkers offers retainers for long-term content needs. Simply pay once and order as needed.

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– How Retainers Work –

As an added convenience for companies both large and small, we offer optional retainer fees. Retainers serve an important function for extended service contracts and high volume content orders.

Retainers allow businesses to pay one invoice for a predetermined amount and order freely without the hassle of a new contract, service agreement, and/or invoice each time. Retainers also speed up the process of getting your content into development.

To begin service via a retainer, we discuss the amount you would like to pay in advance. The amount of a retainer varies by company size and need, but typically range between $5k and $100k+.

Once the retainer has been procured, you may begin placing orders immediately.

Each Friday by 5 pm Eastern Time, you will receive a spend log that contains your orders for that week, costs, and your retainer balance. This is for complete transparency and easy bookkeeping and auditing.

For extended service agreements, we will set a predetermined threshold and when your retainer reaches that amount, we will send a retainer renewal.

If you are looking for efficient and streamlined service, speak to one of our experts today. We look forward to working with you.

Guaranteed Quality Content

Quality Control for Volume Content

For all volume orders, a specialized team of copyeditors and fact-checkers rigorously check content for quality before delivery. Rest easy knowing that the content you are delivering to your clients is high-quality and meets their unique needs.

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