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Title: Review on FanDuel Sportsbook New Jersey

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When it comes to sportsbooks, not all are created equal. The ambitious souls of New Jersey are blessed with one of the most lucrative platforms on the market, FanDuel’s sportsbook. Discover why FanDuel has become not only one of the most popular, but also the most effective sportsbooks available.  


How FanDuel’s sportsbook measures up

Popular insider platforms like Sports Handle gives FanDuel’s sportsbook an A-, ranking it far above many of their competitors.


The rundown on FanDuel’s sportsbook

One of the most important things you need to know right off the bat is that FanDuel’s sportsbook is completely legal and licensed. The licensure was made possible with a partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack which is near the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey.


The features

The interface has been lauded by Sports Geek as one of the best sportsbook interfaces out there.


In addition to the fantastic offer of $500 in risk-free betting that you’ll learn about later on, FanDuel extends a spectacular welcome bonus, multi-sport parlay insurance. For the uninitiated, parlay bets work on the principle of placing a combination of wagers that all have to be accurate to win. The attraction of parlay wagers is that they are extremely lucrative when you win that is.


When you take advantage of FanDuel New Jersey’s multi-sport parlay insurance, you can get $25 back if you 3 out of the 4 wagers pan out.

The hardest choice isn’t which platform to bet with, it’s what sport to bet on. You really have to experience the features for yourself. FanDuel’s sportsbook is an amazing experience for both seasoned sports speculators and those just getting into it.


Betting options


Sports gamblers are in for a treat when they use FanDuel’s sportsbook. The platform supports a rich variety of betting options including tournaments. Not only are there plenty of sports to choose from, but also a plethora of individual betting options for each sport.


Here’s a list of the sports you can speculate on through the platform.


  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Tennis


With so many sports to choose from, you can find a great game to bet on anytime. You can bet on both college and professional sports.


FanDuel extends over 100 unique wagers on MLB single games alone! These wagers include long-shots and betting on inning-by-inning results.


Significantly, darts have been introduced as a FanDuel offering which gives it a competitive edge over other betting platforms. Only around 4 of the 7 online sportsbooks supports wagering on darts.   


Betting lines that make you salivate


When it comes to attractive betting lines, FanDuel’s sportsbook is in no short supply. Betting on NFL games will be particularly exciting this year on FanDuel’s sportsbook NJ. You can place wagers on player futures, playoffs, team wins, and more. There are over 100 spreads to ponder, that’s a lot of action!


Another advantage of FanDuel’s betting lines is that they’re fair for a taxed market. In sports betting, fairness is hard to come by. By offering a reasonable betting line, FanDuel stands out and appeals to serious bettors.    


Pros and cons what makes FanDuel’s sportsbook NJ a winner


One of the first pros you’ll notice is Fan Duel Sportsbook’s generous signup bonus offer. When you join the platform you can get up to $500 in risk-free bets. That gives you the opportunity to try it out and see what you think without risking your own money.


FanDuel’s unique and generous signup bonus works like this. Say you place $300 in wagers. If you lose, you’d normally be out that $300 clams, but under the signup bonus, you actually get that money back. That’s all there is to it, there’s no risk, no hassle, no nothing except for the chance to get in on some serious action, worry-free.


Some sportsbooks will offer cash prizes as a signup bonus, but that’s no good. The whole point of participating in a sportsbook is to make wagers on a sport. If a sportsbook gives you cash as a welcome present, you know exactly what you’re going to do with that money, you’re going to put it right back into your account with that sportsbook and make a bet or two. With FanDuel, there’s no-nonsense, and no bull, which is quite frankly a lot more than what most sportsbooks can say of themselves. For those of you ready to sign up right now, you should know that the signup bonus of up to $500 in risk-free betting is applied upon the very first bet you make through the platform.


The great thing about getting your hands on a risk-free betting opportunity is that it empowers you to make the kind of wagers that would be too risky to consider otherwise. That $500 in risk-free betting that you’ll receive can give you the courage to bet on the underdog and the long-shots that you’d normally be too conservative to pick.


According to Play USA, FanDuel’s pricing is impressively competitive, making it a highly attractive choice for sports gamblers. Competitive pricing aside, FanDuel has earned a unique reputation for always putting its customers first.  


As for the cons, there aren’t many, which as many of you will know, is a rarity among sportsbooks. As mentioned by Sports Handle, FanDuel’s sportsbook, there’s room for improvement, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it either.


One thing to remember, keep it in New Jersey, for now


The only major con to speak of is the geographic limitations of using the sportsbook. Using it outside of legal states like New Jersey is illegal, for now. While state legislature is sure to move as slow as ever, it’s moving nonetheless.


Exciting developments include mention of West Virginia’s possible inclusion in the action. West Virginia is being groomed for the next state to unleash the unparalleled excitement of FanDuel sportsbook betting. Expansions into Mississippi and New York are also in the works. When these arrangements are finalized, it will make for some of the most exciting times in sports gambling for years to come.


Opportunity abounds and FanDuel is carving a reputation for excellence that’s been bringing bettors in droves. As more states consider the legalities of sports gambling, new entrants will likely pop up, but FanDuel’s system will stand the test of time. The platform is so competitive and rewarding those who are serious about speculating on sports will do well to stick with FanDuel’s robust sportsbook.   


All in all, for those looking for a solid platform to bet on sports without having to stress over things like unintuitive interfaces, hidden fees, etc. FanDuel’s sportsbook is easy to use for rookies and pros alike. Not only that, but it’s highly rewarding and takes care of you as a bettor.  


The FanDuel loyalty program


Once you join FanDuel’s sportsbook, you will be automatically enrolled in the FanDuel Players Club. The club is a points-based program and lets players make five free plays per month. FanDuel points go a long way and don’t expire unless your account has been inactive for at least a year.


A breakdown of New Jersey sportsbooks betting


New Jersey has been enjoying exclusivity as a place where sportsbook betting is legal. The U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that lessened the pressure put on sports gambling across the country. However, it has been left to each state to govern and implement its own take on betting laws. FanDuel’s sportsbook NJ isn’t just convenient and rewarding, it’s perfectly legal. The state of New Jersey is where the action is, so get in on it with this winning platform!


While FanDuel wasn’t the first sportsbook to hit New Jersey as it’s preceded by both Draft Kings and MGM Play, it is one of the state’s fastest-growing platforms. Compared to FanDuel, many sportsbooks keep coming up short in terms of ease-of-use.


H3> Seamless and simple payment processing

Competitors who use flashy attention-grabbing elements often neglect the interests of users by making them clunky and hard to use. Design aside, simplicity and ease of use are paramount when it comes to payment processing.


There’s a whole slew of options for deposits including the following:


  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Online bank transfers
  • PayNearMe which is mostly available at NJ 7-Elevens and CVS pharmacy locations


Another great way to pay not to be overlooked is the FanDuel prepaid card. By using a FanDuel prepaid card you can easily keep money at the ready for when the next big game comes up. 


One thing you should remember is that when paying by credit card, your card company may perceive the deposit as a cash advance which can result in unwanted fees.

When it comes time to make a withdrawal, you can use PayPal quite easily. You can also use make withdrawals using an e-check upon supplying the account and routing number respectively.


FanDuel’s cashier interface has been said to resemble those typical of New Jersey casinos which reinforces its credibility as a platform. The legitimizing quality of its cashier system makes FanDuel stand out as a professional sports gambling platform.


FanDuel’s sportsbook availability, where to play


The beauty of FanDuel’s sportsbook is that you can access it from your desktop, Android, or iOS. With so many ways to play the platform is one of the most flexible and accessible options out there.


For now, however, you’ll have to make your bets from within the sunny and welcoming confines of the Garden State. That is of course until further legislation is passed to free up betting in other states.  


FanDuel’s impressive mobile site


Another great thing about FanDuel as a betting platform is its stellar mobile site. The mobile site has all of the essential gaming info at the ready so that you can easily follow your wagers when away from betting locations like the Victory Bar at Meadowlands racetrack.


The convenience of FanDuel’s mobile site is unparalleled and is part of what makes it such a stable option for sports gambling. Running the numbers and choosing your bets is hard enough. The last thing players want is to get stuck racking your brain over how to use the website to place your bets.


How to play: Signing up for FanDuel’s New Jersey sportsbook to start winning like a pro


Another great thing about FanDuel’s sportsbook is that it features a straightforward and refreshingly simple registration process. All you really need to provide for registration is your legal name in addition to your phone number, email address, and mailing address.


The only other major requirement is that you are at least 21 years of age. One thing you should keep in mind is to make sure you enable location tracking on your device whenever you’re actively making bets through FanDuel.

Wrapping it up

In wrapping up, it should be said that FanDuel’s sportsbook is arguably one of the best platforms around. The action is riveting, and it’s so easy to use, sports betting has never been simpler. Unlike many other sportsbooks on the market, you can move money in and out of it without a fuss.


When evaluating a sportsbook there’s a lot of important factors to consider and FanDuel hits all the sweet-spots. The platform is fair, competitively priced, and prolific in the kinds of bets you can make. Odds are you won’t get as much value out of most of the other sportsbooks out there.


FanDuel’s sportsbook is more than just a betting platform, it’s the ace in your sleeve. When you bet with FanDuel, you’re a winner already.