Sample Product Descriptions: Automotive


Torque Strut Mount

Jeep Wrangler is known as the quintessential off-road vehicle. The Wrangler’s torque strut mount connects the chassis and engine to cut down on vibrations from the transmission and engine. A functioning torque strut mount ensures a smooth ride. Over time, it can begin to break down and fail. When this happens, you may experience engine noises, excessive vibration, and movement of the engine within the bay. To replace your torque strut mount, turn to O’Reilly Auto Parts and keep your Jeep Wrangler running smoothly.


Air Charge/Manifold Temperature Sensor

The Jeep Wrangler is known for its superior off-road performance. Your Jeep’s manifold temperature sensor is used to determine air temperature as it enters the engine. The engine’s computer uses this information to know how much exhaust gas should be recirculated to the intake, and it also alters the mixture of fuel and air in some turbo engines. A failed manifold temperature sensor can cause rough idling and a lack of power in the engine. It can also cause failed emissions tests. If your Jeep Wrangler is experiencing any of these problems, get a replacement manifold temperature sensor for your Jeep from O’Reilly Auto Parts.


AT Oil Cooler Hose Assembly

Jeep Wrangler is well-known for its ability to handle off-roading. The transmission oil cooler hose helps keep your transmission cool by transporting fluid to and from the oil cooler and back to your transmission. You’ll find it mounted at the front of the radiator. Transmission oil cooler hoses are prone to breaking down over time, and they may even crack or split. A failed transmission oil cooler hose may lead to transmission fluid leaks or even an overheating transmission. Find replacement oil cooler hose assemblies for your Jeep Wrangler at O’Reilly Auto Parts and keep your Jeep running at its best.


Differential-Axle Bearing

The Jeep Wrangler is an SUV designed for off-road performance. Your Jeep’s axle bearing helps guide the axle shaft, so it fits through the ends of the axle housing, preventing metal-on-metal contact. It’s needed to allow the axle shaft to move freely. Axle bearings can wear down over time, often causing a grinding or rumbling noises. The gears inside the axle may also break down, which often presents as a knocking noise. Noises are often loudest on the side opposite of the failed bearing, especially during turns. A failed axle bearing can eventually damage the axle shaft or housing. Turn to O’Reilly Auto Parts for replacement axle bearings for your Jeep Wrangler to keep it operating at its best.


Oil Cooler Hose


The Jeep Wrangler offers high performance when riding off-road. Your Jeep’s oil cooler hose helps prevent your engine from overheating by moving oil back and forth between the cooler and the engine. With time, this hose can succumb to wear and tear due to chemical and heat exposure. If the hose fails, you will often notice it begins to leak oil, or your oil light may come on signaling that your lubricant is running low. Running your Jeep on low oil can cause significant damage to your engine. If your oil cooler hose fails, it should be replaced immediately to prevent this from happening. Turn to O’Reilly Auto Parts for your replacement oil cooler hose, oil, and other parts for your Jeep Wrangler.


Sensor/Fuel Tank Pressure


Jeep Wrangler is well-known for its ability to perform off-road and on rough terrain. The fuel tank pressure sensor, or fuel rail pressure sensor, detects any pressure changes within your evaporative emission system and fuel tank. Mounted directly on the tank, it provides information to the PCM and helps regulate fuel usage in the engine. If you experience EVAP leaks or bad fuel caps, this information will be delivered via the Check Engine light. A failed sensor may lead to an incorrect fuel-air ratio, leading to poor acceleration, stalling, and poor fuel economy. Find replacement fuel tank sensors for your Jeep Wrangler at O’Reilly Auto Parts, along with gas caps, vaper canisters, and other EVAP parts you may need.


A/c System O-ring and gasket kit


The Jeep Wrangler has become synonymous with off-roading adventure. Your air conditioning system cools the air within the passenger cabin. This complex system includes a condenser, evaporator, compressor, filter/drier, and hoses. The hoses are sealed with O-rings and gaskets, so the refrigerant can move through the system to be cooled. Failed gaskets or O-rings may lead to refrigerant leaks. Check gaskets for cracking and other signs of degradation if you noticed leaking refrigerant. If they are worn or broken, they should be replaced immediately to prevent loss of lubricant or refrigerant, which can lead to loss of cool air output or even system part damage. Get replacement gaskets and O-rings for your Jeep Wrangler at O’Reilly Auto Parts, along with other A/C replacement parts.


Parking Brake Cable


The Jeep Wrangler is well-known as the go-to for off-road performance. Your Jeep’s parking brake cable, or emergency brake, connects the mechanical foot brake or hand lever brake to the brakes located at the rear of your Jeep. It operates separately from your main hydraulic braking system and mechanically stops the vehicle in the event of brake failure. When your parking brake is in use, the cables tighten and push a piston into the brake pads, or compress the brakes, in order to stop your vehicle. This cable can wear out, become stretched, or rust over time, leading to failed or weakened operation. In some cases, the tension may need to be adjusted. You may also need a replacement. Get a replacement parking brake cable from O’Reilly’s Auto Parts for your Jeep Wrangler.