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Title: 5 Fixer Upper Inspired Kitchen Renovation Looks

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Meta Description: Ready to renovate your kitchen? Take a look through five kitchen renovation looks inspired by the Gaines family and HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

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5 Fixer Upper Inspired Kitchen Renovation Looks

HGTV’s Fixer Upper has transformed homes for the past five years. In each season and every episode, the designs of Chip and Joanna Gaines are fresh and inspirational. The beauty of Fixer Upper is that many of the looks are achievable with a little help from your trusted remodeling professionals. Below are five of the best and brightest inspirations for kitchen renovations from Fixer Upper.


Balancing Glamor with Classic

Not many average Americans are looking for a kitchen that is so superbly styled and glam that it seems a bit unusable. The kitchen is the heart of the home, meant to host friends and family and make the day to day chores of eating convenient and even enjoyable.


One of the highlights of Fixer Upper is watching the Gaines absolutely master the balance between a look that is both glam and casual. Using unique touches and certain pieces, your kitchen can look fabulous while remaining comfortable and approachable.


In one design, Joanna addressed a kitchen whose owner wanted the classic black and white checkered flooring to really shine. With traditional Shaker cabinets and countertops and backsplash designed with a veined stone slab, Joanna rounded out the room with brass hardware and fixtures for a look that was both classic and elegant. In order to keep the space comfortable and inviting, she creates a wood banquette in a matching color with the cabinets. With a couple of throw pillows added, the kitchen had the look of a cozy and appealing area to relax, achieving a kitchen with a look that is both family-friendly and glamorous.


Island Looks

The island has become a much-appreciated treasure in the modern kitchen. Useful, visually appealing, and a great way to define the space, Fixer Upper has a number of episodes where the island was used to answer questions unique to each homeowner.


In one episode, the Gaines created a multi-purpose island that shone for being a seating area and a prep spot. By building in a booth seating area wrapped around by a bar that held cabinets and a breakfast bar, they created a banquette seating area. For extra storage and plenty of seating, this is the perfect answer.


Who could forget the matching islands? While working with a homeowner who wanted a place to prep and a place to eat, the Gaines created two large matching islands that create plenty of space and is eminently useful to the busy family.


Open yet Structured

One of the major skills the Gaines bring to the table is the ability to open up a space while still allowing it to be defined. The open look used to be all the rage, but in recent years people have really begun to appreciate a look that is open and yet still defined. Having one large open space can make decorating difficult and can also be a negative when it comes to heating and cooling costs. Open floor plans have fewer walls, and for the kitchen, that means you’re limiting your storage space. With glass partitions and open shelving, the room stays light and feels airy while still keeping the space defined.


Create Your Escape

Just because you’re living in Waco, Texas, doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t emulate a French Chateau! This was proved in Fixer Upper for one home that was given peaceful white cabinetry, chic accents of dark wood, exposed wooden beams, assorted greenery, and a painted white ceiling. Follow your escape and use this to create your own perfect atmosphere, no matter where you live.


Pops of Color

A great way to pull your kitchen together is seen often in Fixer Upper. Joanna really seems to appreciate the look of white tile paired with the pop of brightly colored cabinets. Black or gold fixtures lend classic and timeless beauty to this look.