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Title: Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health Part 1

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Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health Part 1: An Overview


Heart health is an aspect of life that many make the mistake of only considering once they are beginning to have issues. The good news is that every day that you make your heart health a priority is a benefit to your heart. Whether you are looking to get ahead of heart health early, or have been told by your doctor to focus on your heart health, there are a number of lifestyle changes for heart health that will work for you. This four-part series will break down these lifestyle changes, beginning with this overview.


Everything in Moderation

It’s something doctors have been preaching for years. It is very difficult for the average American to go cold turkey and completely cut out sugars, trans and saturated fats, processed foods, and alcohol. On top of that, studies have determined severely restricting food groups not only leads to the dieter being more likely to binge eat and live more unhealthily afterward, but also that cutting out key foods can cause symptoms such as dehydration, fatigue, headaches, and malnutrition.


Furthermore, quitting junk food all at once can lead to withdrawals similar to those suffered by drug addicts. Everything in moderation, and slowly building up a lifestyle full of healthy habits, can ensure that you are able to manage your food habits long-term.


It’s not going to ruin your heart to have a bag of chips or a slice of pizza, or a glass of wine. In fact, red wine has been found to have certain antioxidants that may help prevent coronary artery disease. The key here is moderation. Allow yourself to enjoy an occasional glass of red wine or one of your favorite junk foods, but don’t make it a regular habit. Not only will your heart thank you, but you may find that limiting your intake makes you appreciate the treat that much more.


Stay Active

Regular physical activity provides a myriad of health benefits to the body. It has been found to reduce stress, make sleep easier, and lower a number of heart disease risk factors. Making time for routine activity can lower bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol levels, help the body maintain healthy blood pressure and assist in the shedding of excess weight.


If you are concerned about where to start in adding physical activity to your lifestyle, consult with Dr. Sami for best practices. Feel comfortable starting slow as well, even just 20 minutes of walking per day can make a lasting difference.


A Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish- all of these are foods that can help a healthy heart. Typically, Japan holds the title of the longest life expectancy, but research is showing that Spain may overtake Japan by 2040, and the cause is the Mediterranean diet. Eating healthy does not have to look like a plate of raw, dry lettuce. Fresh roasted greens, whole grains, low or fat-free dairy, healthy oils, and protein-rich foods make up the Mediterranean diet and are also the foundation of a diet that is great for your heart.


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