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Title: Holiday Family Outdoor Living

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Meta Description: Don’t let the weather trap you inside during the holidays. Create a cozy and inviting space with fire elements, lighting, and paver patios customized for you. 

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Holiday Family Outdoor Living


The cooler weather has arrived, marking the start of the festive season all about celebrating coziness, friends and family, and the days leading up to the holidays. For those with an outdoor space of their own, this is the perfect opportunity to tailor this area with a few key elements to create a dreamy wonderland that is perfect for enjoying the holidays. With fire elements, paver patios, and the perfect outdoor lighting, your outdoor space becomes the perfect, cozy place to celebrate the holiday season.


Fire Elements


A fire element is an absolute must for creating an outdoor space that is enjoyable during the cold winter months. Don’t spend your time at home stuck indoors or huddled up outside, freezing and miserable. Install a fire element that suits you and your lifestyle just right. 


Fire elements are an elegant and practical answer to the question of how you can enjoy your stunning outdoor space during the cold, wet days of late fall and winter. Installing a fire element will make your home the one where everyone wants to spend time. The warmth of the fire and the dancing flames will draw your family members in, encouraging closeness and unity and creating a sense of total serenity. The accompanying seating area creates the ideal space to relax and spend time together. Once you have created your unique space, add a few throw blankets and fluffy plush pillows to all of your outdoor furniture to make everyone comfortable and to add warmth to every gathering.


Paver Patios


Designing the perfect paver patio acts makes for a multi-functional setting for all of your holiday events. Create your space to suit you and your family: if you prefer hosting cozy, intimate gatherings with just those who are closest to you, then you can create a space that inspires just this sort of event. For those with a “the more the merrier” attitude, your paver patio can be created to hold large gatherings that make space for all of your family, friends, extended loved ones, and anyone else who happens to tag along. 


Decorate the space with the perfect, twinkling holiday lights and all of your favorite holiday decorations. Don’t stop at mistletoe, strings of holly, and speakers to play your favorite holiday songs, either. Set up stations celebrating each of the elements that make the holidays the most wonderful time of the year. What could be better for the kids than a gingerbread house making station, or a hot cocoa station complete with marshmallows, cocoa, and cozy mugs? The adults will thank you for keeping their kids occupied, and also for the spiced rum or mulled wine station that you’ve set up on your paver patio just for them. 


Outdoor Lighting


Starting on the summer solstice, each day gets shorter and shorter. The days get dark early, and without a solid lighting design, this can be incredibly depressing! Keep your holidays well lit and cheery with the right lighting design, shorter days don’t have to hinder outdoor celebrations. Set the perfect, festive scene for your holiday gatherings with outdoor lighting that expertly accents your decor for the holiday season. As an added benefit, you can keep a better eye on children playing games on the artificial turf while you kick back and relax on your outdoor furniture, enjoying a glass of spiced eggnog in the warmth of your fire. 


Don’t let the cooler weather keep your holiday celebrations confined to the inside of the home. Take a look at products designed to create a cozy, completely customized environment and turn your outdoor living space into a dreamscape.