The Patient Experience: Going from “Good” to “Great!”

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The Patient Experience: Going from “Good” to “Great!”

Despite what you hear on the news America has always been a place that puts a high premium on the customer service.

That’s especially true when it comes to medicine and the dental world.

And, that’s something dentists and medical professionals nationwide can take pride in!

But delivering a positive patient experience takes work, dedication and an attention to every single part of the patient experience – from the time they first step foot into the lobby to the time they sign the dotted line and walk out the door.

Here are 3 essential factors to remember when providing your dental patients with the best possible patient experience, and what steps you can take to keep them coming back:

1. Using “Plain” Language – There’s a reason customers are coming to you – you’re the expert!  But sometimes it can be hard to “be the expert” and communicate with your patients in terms they can understand.

How do you do that? Keep it simple sweetheart.  Avoid using complicated medical jargon. Instead of saying “mandibular juxtaposition,” explain to people that their bite is not aligned.

2. Making Your Patients Feel Valued – Always remember your customers are not just another transaction, chart, or (worse yet) interruption in your day. They are your guests! And you can make them feel as such by remembering the details – like keeping the waiting area clean, brightly lit and filled with new magazines.

Another way to add value to their experience is to listen to their concerns and show true compassion when you respond.  Also, providing water with lemons is a small but nice touch that patients are bound to remember – believe me!

1. Keep the Patient’s FULL Experience in MindThe truth is that you can follow the above steps to a “T,” but if you bungle it at the end, you risk losing all the good will you’ve gained and possibly even a lifetime patient.

Think about it.  What is the very last thing your patient does before they leave?  They pay. So, ask yourself:  is your credit card processing system set up in such a way that creates a sense of ease for your patient?  Or, is it old-fashioned, clunky, and so time-consuming that it makes them forget how smooth the rest of the experience was?

The key is to have a dental merchant processing system in place that takes place in under 2 minutes! Trust me – with people used to checking out at places like Target in an instant, they will feel every single extra minute they have to wait at your reception counter.

On the other hand, if your system is fast, quick and convenient, they will remember that too!  And they will connect the progressive nature of your credit card processing to all the dental services you provide as well!