Our High Quality Commitment

Our High-Quality Commitment

Introducing the Single Quality Tier

As of 07/01/2015

When it comes to your content, quality counts the most. That is why we offer only high quality content for your business or agency. Many content providers have what is known as Quality Tiers. We do not believe in charging you more for the quality you need. For one great price, you will receive only the highest quality content with each and every service agreement.  When Google unleashed the Panda update to its algorithm, it brought with it the expectancy of high-quality and high value content. Without this, your page simply will not rank. In fact, it has become a center piece in training seminars on foundation elements of SEO.

When establishing your products, services, or brand – you must have web pages, blogs, articles, product descriptions and more, that are content-rich and full of value.  Since quality is not an “optional add-on feature”, it is listed as a feature that is included with each purchase, absolutely free. Only with Textworkers do you get high-quality content that is rich and full of value as a standard of our good practices.  Please feel free to request samples at any time. However, we do ask that you keep in mind our confidentiality clause. Due to our standards in regards to the confidentiality of all our clients, we willfully respect their decisions to not have their content shown or a link to their website given, when it is requested. Your confidentiality is important to us, and we will never violate that trust, as per our privacy policy.